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We offer a wide range of services and solutions for firms in the Legal, Property, Insurance, Media, Public sector, Finance, Technology, Leisure and Professional Services as following:

Set-up Safe & Advanced Home Network

network_setupSetting up a full network that allows all of your devices to communicate together easily, as well as keeps the security tight requires a little understanding in networking basics. ITCS helps you get the most out of technology that you have at hand today and what will come tomorrow. Our tech supports also help efficiently troubleshoot all home networking problems remotely.
If you think having a home network means nothing more than connecting your laptop to the Internet wirelessly, ITCS has news for you! Depending upon your peripherals, home networking can offer exciting things like printing from multiple computers; saving and sharing data among-st your computers with ease; gaming with others; and even more benefits you do not want to miss.
At ITCS, we help you:

• Easily and securely share your internet connection
• Even passwords
• Secure home network from hackers
• Share peripheral devices
• Add PC to your network or move it
• Set-up a new internet service

Secure, Fast & Reliable Office Network


In a work environment, there is constant need to share information and other resources and ITCS can assist you with such requirements. Our expert engineers help set up stable and protected network promptly and efficiently, using our remote desktop connection. We offer:

• Solutions for wireless connection speed issues
• Solutions for Cisco networking problems
• Help to rectify networking software issues
• Networking for laptops
• Peer to peer networking
• Solutions for wireless security issues
• Point to point networking
• Solutions to configure your hub/ switch or Wi-Fi device
• Best methods to secure your modem / router
• Easy allocation of individual IP addresses for your PCs
• Easy file sharing between your home PCs
• Safe password authentication to access PCs in the home network
• Methods to share your CD/DVD drive

System migrations

windows-server-2012-live-migration1All organisations undergo change as their size and priorities evolve. So it’s not surprising that their network requirements are also constantly shifting. New technologies and bandwidth intensive applications such as internet telephony also have an impact on how networks need to be configured. ITCS can assist you in migrating to an up-to-date network by providing:


• Free network analysis and migration recommendation reports
• Experienced and qualified staff who can communicate without using jargon
• New software and hardware
• Networking testing to ensure optimal performance
• Our team of migration experts will analyse your existing network infrastructure and, after discussing your current and future objectives with you, outline a viable migration and update strategy.

We are able to manage all aspects of your migration, from the initial consultation to equipment procurement and implementation, while keeping disruption to staff and your operations to a minimum.

Servers, Storage & Virtualisation


Find the right file server and storage system for your network – and save money in the process too.Buying the right file server and storage system for your network is not as straightforward as it might seem.The temptation when buying a machine is to focus too much on your current needs. But if you fail to anticipate your future requirements or take into account planned developments, you can easily end up purchasing a server which becomes obsolete much sooner than it needs to.
ITCS can help meet your present and future needs – and save you money – by:

• Analysing your current and future requirements
• Discussing likely data growth rates
• Making plans for additional hardware on the network

We can then advise you on the best server and storage system to purchase, to provide you with an appropriate balance of power, quality and value.
At ITCS, we don’t manufacture our own computer systems. We have partnerships in place with the world’s largest PC and laptop manufacturers, such as Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and Toshiba. This means we can source outstanding deals on a huge range of high-quality products… and pass the savings on to you.

Wireless network solutions for schools & Companies


ITCS delivers wireless networks that enhances mobile learning and builds confidence in learners and teachers. A robust and secure wireless network offers the ultimate in flexibility, providing network access to areas of your school site that may not be otherwise accessible. ITCS delivers wireless networks that can:

• Free ICT from the ICT suite, or even inside the school buildings
• Provide fast access to the internet, network or file servers from any part of the school and organization
• Avoid disruptions and ‘downtime’ associated with inferior wireless networks
• Avoid the cost and disruption of carrying out traditional cabled installations
• Provide network coverage in temporary buildings or outside areas that are impossible to service using structured cabling
• Expand your schools network easily and at low cost
• Provide an alternative to a dedicated ICT suite where space or funding is limited, using laptop trolleys
• Implement a network in a small school more cost-effectively than using cabling

The first and most important step of implementing a wireless solution is to have a wireless survey conducted. Many companies charge for this vital first step, however ITCS Solutions provide this service free of charge.To discuss your wireless requirements or to book your free wireless survey, contact a member of our solutions team.On completion of the no-obligation wireless survey, we will provide you with a complete report outlining the requirements for a wireless network covering the areas that you specify.

Cloud Services









Cloud computing is changing the way that schools operate, moving away from locally installed tools and resources and utilizing the power of the internet. Not only can the cloud help schools to deliver and manage lessons, it can also help you to manage your infrastructure, provide secure off-site back up and enable you to communicate and collaborate like never before.

– Storage and Back-up
We offer a secure, automated online disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution from Redstor. Fully customisable and seamlessly scalable, it accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike. Redstor Online Backup is a uniquely designed for network efficiency with centralised management, policy-based control and simplicity of use.

– Productivity tools
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we can provide and support the full range of Microsoft products and cloud services including Office 365 for Education. Bringing together a range of cloud-based communication, collaboration and productivity tools, and this powerful suite is ideally suited to schools who want to move away from locally-installed office applications.

– Educational software
Through its strategic partnerships, ITCS can provide a powerful and unique cloud-based software library that gives schools access to a vast range of titles from a range of content providers. Cloud-pointing technology is used to deliver exciting animation and multimedia to any learning device via the web.
Software titles are automatically updated, ensuring that schools always have access to the latest version. The current catalogue of over 170 curriculum titles enables each school to identify the best solution for them to be rented on a term-by-term or annual basis with 400 software titles being available by the end of 2012.

– Remote Network Management and Support
Our CentraStage remote monitoring and support service links your business-critical system to our Head Office so that in the event of a system problem, our engineers can quickly log into your servers and user machines in order to diagnose and resolve the issue at hand. This saves potentially large amounts of wasted time where engineers have to fight through traffic to get to your site only to find that the issue could have been resolved remotely.
Secure remote support includes:

• Remote software installation, deployment, patching and management
• Remote installation and management of anti-virus
• Remote user account management: account creation and password reset
• Remote management of wireless networks
• Remote management of managed networks ie managed switches
• Remote management of internet filtering
• Remote management of printers

We can also provide proactive remote monitoring of every device across a school’s IT estate, regardless of where the device is, and who it belongs to. This enables us to:

• Monitor performance, from low disk space to CPU, memory and status
• Be alerted to hardware or software changes
• Monitor business critical services and processes
• Scan event logs for critical errors
• Check up on backups and security status
• Create custom monitors for ad hoc requirements
• Get automatic notification if a server (or any device which is selected as a key device for monitoring) goes offline or develops a fault

Expert Remote Computer Repair & Maintenance


Your computer can maintain its optimal speed and performance only with periodic maintenance and health check performed by professionals. Rather than depending on a local computer repair shop or technician, you can now get complete PC maintenance and tune-up in the comfort of your home or office with ITCS immediate and remote online computer maintenance service. We provide quick maintenance from our location which is affordable and efficient.

From regular PC network maintenance to windows troubleshooting, cleaning your registry, disk defragmentation and more, at ITCS we offer almost everything necessary for top notch computer performance. Unlike other PC repairing service providers, we provide remote PC maintenance for Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7 & 8.
Whether you require a routine maintenance, need help installing a new component in to your PC, or solve a pesky problem, ITCS is always at your service. We have certified and experienced engineers to do your computer maintenance and tune-up with the help of top-notch remote desktop tools.
ITCS offers innovative and top-notch remote computer repair service for your convenience. Our expert and well trained techs run an extensive PC health check using our sophisticated technology to find and fix entire computer related issues promptly and efficiently. We recommend a complete PC maintenance monthly to help you acquire maximal output from your PC. Our Computer Repair and Maintenance will have:

• A complete computer check-up
• Disk defragmentation
• Complete PC health check
• Windows troubleshooting
• Driver updates
• Removal of viruses, adware, and malware
• Stop unwanted pop-ups
• Check startup programs and services
• Optimize Windows OS settings

At ITCS, we assure that you will receive the highest quality remote internet security service which is brief yet comprehensive. Installations and updates will be done with the help of, using top-notch remote desktop access tools. Our engineers are well trained to offer convenient and easy to access online support to increase your PC security.

Maximise Your PC Performance with our complete PC Health Check

images (1)

A sudden PC crash, frequent error messages, endless virus warnings indicate that it is time for a PC health check. At ITCS, our tech experts identify and rectify the problems lurking deep within your PC with our total PC Health Check. Instead of tracking down the reason of these issues by testing the innumerable components one at a time which turns out to be time consuming and wearisome, you just have to ask our ITCS engineers to perform a complete PC Health Check on your PCs/Laptops. The check report will specify the problems accurately and in detail thus facilitating timely and precise rectification.
The PC Health Check is a desktop PC care application that automatically runs performance, security, data and system related checks periodically on your computer. The health check helps your computer to perform at optimal performance, and provides you with an easy, one-click remote access to our technology experts from the comfort of your home.

The Easiest and Cost-Effective Method to Make Your PC Run Faster

Is your PC running slow like a snail? Then you have come to the right place. Our PC Tune-Up and Optimization package will breathe life into your PC & remove all the unwanted or potentially harmful items.
Slow PC can be quite annoying especially when you do a very important work. Your computer may not respond to your clicks, or your files did not start downloading quickly. This can be due to several reasons. Whatever the reasons be, you have to get your computer checked very soon.
Why does it happen?
There are quite a few possible reasons for PC sluggishness. Here are 3 of the most common reasons:

• Virus, Adware or Spyware infection
• When temporary folders have a lot of cached files, temporary internet files and unwanted cookies.
• Viruses or malware can easily download unwanted files without your knowledge

Virus Removal


Computer viruses plague our digital existence and cause potential harm of varying degrees – from slowing down the system to crashing it, destroying valuable data as well as program and operating system files, generating annoying messages, hacking your computer and even compromising your identity and sensitive credit card information and bank account details. The negative effects of virus attack can be combated easily with ITCS online virus removal services.
Our expert engineers are well trained to carry out rigorous tests to identify deep-seated PC viruses and remove them rapidly and totally. Our remote service helps you to access our service according to your need and convenience and we fix your computer, completely cleaning up the entire virus without hassle. Our remote service is quick and highly efficient and you do not have to depend on local computer repair centres or technicians. We defend your PC against all types of virus attacks and work efficiently.

Accurate & Efficient Spyware Removal

Spywares are malicious programmes that often get installed in your PC without even your knowledge. These are capable of recording every online move you make and each keyboard stroke of yours and secretly send the collected information to others who would benefit from it.
Information is currency in the new age and from marketing companies to criminals and them all gather large sums of money from the recorded data. Companies can specifically target you by pitching ads of your interest based on the analysis of your online usage. Most spywares are not so harmless and illegally allow access to the private information in your PC, including even credit card and bank account details.
ITCS can scan and rid your computer of all spyware to help you secure your privacy. Our tech experts at ITCS offer efficient and remote spyware removal service. After thorough scanning, we will scan your PC and remove all spywares rapidly and efficiently. Our online service would help not only safeguard your privacy but also make your digital experience worthwhile and secure.

Eliminate Adware Efficiently

Some Adware removal software products are free whereas some others often come as paid versions. Some of the free versions that you see can be marketing techniques to make you buy the paid versions. Worse of all, certain adware removal programs may even place more adware on your PC. However, we at ITCS help combat adware efficiently with our remote support for effective adware removal and utmost secure online experience.
As the name indicates, adware are software that delivers advertisements which pops up during surfing and slows down the computer. The inherent sneaky nature in which adware is delivered results in most of the advertisements being salacious in nature. They can also be overbearing as more and more mysterious pop-ups appear on your computer.
Adware are often bundled with popular free software, such as toolbars, screensavers, and the like. When you install such software, the adware also gets installed with it and also gets periodically updated increasing its reach in the system. ITCS gets rid of even the most stubborn Adware from your PC with the help of top-notch remote desktop tools.
At ITCS, our Technology Experts will remotely run an extensive diagnostic check-up using our proprietary technology to find and clean your computer of all adware. And since this software invader often slows down your computer performance, we will also optimize your computer and make sure it is running at its peak.

Best Rootkit removal package

Rootkits are malware which allows continued privileged access to a PC at the administrative level. Rootkits are notoriously difficult to remove since they can access your computer as administrator. Rootkits can gain control at the root level of the system and are tough to detect and very difficult to be removed by antivirus applications. Rootkits can bypass many defenses and alerts allowing criminals to monitor and capture your private banking account passwords, credit card information and more with unfettered access to your computer.
As Rootkits are dangerous and can cause extensive damage, ITCS tech experts totally remove Rootkits using advanced desktop sharing tools. Our intensive scanning and identification of most undetectable Rootkits helps resolve your Pc issues efficiently. Our technology experts know the best way to clean any rootkits you have on your computer.

Bundle-Package (Optimization + Internet Security)


Strengthening your computer security is essential for a secure online experience. From formation of extremely difficult passwords, to updating your browsers, setting-up firewalls, blocking harmful websites and similar measures can be relied upon for safe internet usage. ITCS offers strong assistance to carry out the above mentioned measures to reinforce the internet security.
At ITCS our first priority is to increase your PC security with:

• Best hacker protection
• Effective protection from spam
• Safe surfing tools for you and children
• Protection your pc from all types of viruses, malwares and adwares
At ITCS, we assure you of the highest quality remote internet security service which is brief yet comprehensive. Installations and updates will be done with the help of, using top-notch remote desktop access tools. Our engineers are well trained to offer convenient and easy to access online support to increase your PC security.

Wireless Security

network_security_network_securityWi-Fi is extremely useful, but has higher level of risk factors and complications than its older wired cousin such as:

• Anyone can easily access Wi-Fi connections with unprotected or weak passwords
• If you PC security settings are weak, anyone within your Wi-Fi network can easily access the files and data in your PC
• If your Wi-Fi device is visible to everyone, they can easily guess your login details and break into to your network Unless you have the proper precaution, cyber criminals and even the very ordinary passer-by can easily “peep-in” to your PC and take-away vital information such as private financial transactions. To help you prevent this danger, we at ITCS have the best Wireless Security methods for PCs. Our tech experts offer the best security measures for Wi-Fi connections remotely.

Data Back-up & Disaster Recovery

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– Online Data Backup services
Backing up your important data will save your time and effort, and will avoid potential data losses which can happen due to hard-disc related issues. Retrieving data from a damaged hard disc is time consuming and expensive so it is better to have a safer storage space for your files and folders.
In online backup, the backup is performed, even while the data stays actively accessible to users or the data is being currently updated. Online backups do not require downtime and can provide a convenient solution in multi-user systems.
From financial documents to family photos and music, you can easily backup whatever you want to our server space & download it whenever you need with the help of ITCS Online Data Backup Services. Online Data Backup by ITCS is the best possible data backup solution, and includes the advantages of safe, anytime file access facility, while allowing flawless data synchronization.
Our techs use high-standard encryption to protect your files and folders from unauthorized viewing. Our Online Backup services offers fast, safe and complete backup of all your files & folders at a safer location with unlimited capacity.

Offline Data Backup services
Backing up your important data will save your time and effort, and will avoid potential data losses which can happen due to hard-disc related issues. Retrieving data from a damaged hard disc is time consuming and expensive. So it is better to have a safer storage space for your files and folders.
An offline backup is a database backup when the database is offline and thus not available to users for use or updating. This is the safest way to back up because it avoids the risk of copying data that may be in the process of being updated. Hence the database is in a consistent state when it is returned to normal operation.
From financial documents to family photos and music, you can easily backup whatever you want with the help of ITCS Offline Data Backup Services. In this backup package, our certified engineer will configure your computer to perform backup. You can back up your selected data or entire data to another Drive (D Drive, E Drive etc.) or to an external storage device like USB Hard Disk, DVD etc. We will also schedule this backup task as per your convenience so that this will happen automatically at the scheduled time.
By using Offline data backup services from ITCS, you can easily backup your important documents, music files, photos and more to our server space & download it whenever you need. We will provide a fast, safe and reliable backup for your PC with least downtime. Our techs use high-standard encryption to protect your files and folders from unauthorized viewing. Our Offline Backup services offers fast, safe and complete backup of all your files & folders at a safer location with unlimited capacity.

Website Design Services


We offer a range of website design services from online brochure style websites to online shops. Each website comes with a wide range of free features which many others charge for, as a small company we can provide you a personal service from start to finish and will work closely with you to ensure the website meets your every expectation.




Your website design is your chance to tell the world who you are, establish a great reputation and show off what you do best. Above all, it’s your chance to sell your products or services… but a web design service that achieves all of that can be hard to find.
Website design takes creative flair and an eye for detail, a hard-working approach and a listening ear. We have over 5 years’ experience of working with clients, large and small, and we know that our websites achieve results.
Professional web design is what turns good ideas into great looking websites. Business web design is not simply about colour schemes and images; it’s about getting under the skin of what really drives your business and helping you grow faster than ever before.

Our content management system (CMS) is designed to put you firmly in control of your content, making it simple to keep your website and other platforms fully updated.
Out of date or incorrect messages instantly send the wrong signals about your business. Using our cms website can help you avoid such errors whilst reducing the work involved in making changes.
Our CMS service is designed to make updating your website as fast and as simple as possible and if you need further support, we’re just a phone call away.

When it comes to an eCommerce website, it is results that matter. We’ve helped hundreds of clients boost sales so we know how to make website shopping work for your business. Call us today to set the wheels in motion, we promise you won’t be disappointed.
Ecommerce design has to be flexible and it has to be able to grow alongside your business. All of our solutions are fully scalable and our professional web design means that you can promise your customers a seamless shopping experience that’s hassle free.
We can manage all aspects of your ecommerce website from web design to seo optimisation and our track record of implementing projects successfully means we can guarantee speedy service at an affordable price.

When it comes to website hosting, speed and reliability have the power to make or break your online business. 79% of people say they don’t return to a website after a poor experience so our web hosting packages guarantee peak performance.
If you’ve already tried another hosting company and spent hours listening to recorded messages or trying to get through, prepare to be amazed. Our website hosting is based on the personal touch and there will be a real person available to offer you support 24/7, 365 days a year.
Our UK based data centres and proven backup facilities offer total peace of mind when it comes to reliability and we’re just as reliable when it comes to cost. You won’t find any hidden fees and we’ll help you find the business website hosting package that matches your needs exactly.

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